Saturday, April 5, 2008

Brownie Choco-Chip CupCakes

YAY first post!
So I'm new at this.. but I'm really excited! anyways... I made these for some friends coming over, and they tasted AMAZING!!

Although I'd rather make my own mix, i had some left over brownie mix hanging around the house so i decided to use it up. Instead of making the same old brownies I made these brownie cupcakes and they are just as easy only slightly cuter i think. I didn't use muffin cups, instead I just sprayed my pan down with some cooking spray that has flour in it. Just make sure to watch them because they cook a little faster than usual brownies!

Cupcake brownie Photo Shoot:Turquoise-Chocolate

Kellyns Flower:


All that was left this morning, they were THAT amazing!