Monday, May 12, 2008

Caterpillar Cake

My Caterpillar Cake:

His body is made out of a dome/semi-circle shaped pan, and i dyed each hump a different color, so each segment was different, on the inside and out! The grass is made out of coconut dyed green, you just put it into a bag with some green food coloring, and a little water... (the exact amount should
be on the coconut can) and then you squeeze it around till it's all dyed. His body I did with a star tip, any size will do since i used a different tip on just about every hump. You can also use a hair tip, i used one of these on the purple part, and it was super cute. His eyes are just ovals filled in, and if you dip your finger in powder sugar and then pat them down, it makes them look smooth, finally put a brown m&m in the middle. The nose is done in the same way with powdered sugar, and then i used these spaghetti gummies i found for the mouth and antenna, the feet are just hersheys kisses.