Thursday, May 29, 2008

Graduation Cap Cookies

Grad Caps

Getting ready for graduation? These cookie hats, are perfect for a Grad party! They are super adorable, and they taste amazing as well! I found this recipe at family fun originally.

Peanut butter cups
*Fudge Graham cracker cookies (just use Keebler)
*peanut butter
*yellow fruit roll ups (i bought a package with all the colors, and even though it was the tattoo kind, i just cut around the tattoos)
*Ready to use yellow frosting (just this just looks cute on top)

Place some peanut butter in between the graham cracker and the top of the Reeses, then take your fruit rollups, spread them out, and cut little strips, splitting them at the end. Press the top of the fruit rollup on the top, center of the graham cracker, and pull the split a little farther apart at the bottom because its probably stuck back together by now, and its just cuter with the actual end split. Finally add a little dab of the squirt icing, and you might need to wait a little bit so that it can dry and you can pat down the spike left from the icing.

Cheap, easy, and they taste amazing! make sure you add these to your Family Graduation party!