Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mini Muffin Pan Brownie Kisses and Peanut Butter Cookie Cups:

Back to the peanut butter cookie variations i picked up a classic with the peanut butter cookies and kisses, and put a Reeses on it instead. The kisses i changed and put on a brownie cookie. And finally i decided to bake them in mini muffin pans instead of the classic boring cookie sheet. this also helped them be a little thicker, and easier to press the candy into. Simple, easy, and cheap, which would explain why these are my mothers newest favorite to make. She also insists on merely buying the pre-packaged dough, so you really don't even get your kitchen very messy, and everybody is still impressed with all your creativity.

Peanut Butter Cookie Cups

All you need is:

*Pilsbury Peanut butter cookie mix in a tube
*Reeses peanut butter cups

Just Scoop out about a tablespoon, or so, of dough into mini muffin pan. After cooking make sure that your Reeses have already been unwrapped and press one into the top of all the cookies. Best to do this before taking them out of the pan.

Brownie Kisses:

All you need is:
*Pilsbury brownie mix in a tube
Hersheys Kisses The brownie mix is super soft, and a little strange took worth with at first, i recommend freezing it for about 10 min. before you work with it so that its not so slimy and soft. After that just scoop out about a tablespoon into your mini muffins tins. After baking press a kiss into each brownie just enough so that it will stay in, this must be done shortly after taking them out so that they are still soft enough. Also remember to have all these unwrapped before they get done baking just like the reeses.


Kailynn said...

I just made these, and they are great! Thanks for the post!

Emily <3 said...

Thaks for the comment! im glad you liked them! I like your flower photography!

*pink Icing

Jenn said...

i found this post while searching randomly through google images for chocolate haha. the recipe with the reese's and peanut butter cookie looks delicious! hopefully i'll get lots of mini reese's for halloween this year so i can make this =P