Monday, June 9, 2008

Oreo Truffle Cups

Oreo Truffle Cups

Oreo Truffles with a twist..

*Wilton plastic cup molds
*White Chocolate Almond Bark
*Milk Chocolate too, if desired
*8 ounces, or one package, cream cheese
*18 oz. package of oreo cookies

Crush up the oreos and mix them with the cream cheese just like you would for oreo truffles. I then melted chocolate, i mixed whtie and milk a little, however just white chocolate would be really cute, and then i added a little bit of crushed oreos in with the chocolate to give it that cookies and cream look. Next fill the wilton cup molds about 1/3 full and take a paint brush and brush up some chocolate up the sides of the cups. Place them in the fridge for several minutes, and then brush up the sides again, because chances are there is some still melted in the bottom, and not very thick sides. Finally pop out the cups, fill them with the oreo mix, and drizzle chocolate on top, placing some remaining oreo crumbs on top adds a final touch.