Thursday, May 29, 2008

Graduation Cap Cookies

Grad Caps

Getting ready for graduation? These cookie hats, are perfect for a Grad party! They are super adorable, and they taste amazing as well! I found this recipe at family fun originally.

Peanut butter cups
*Fudge Graham cracker cookies (just use Keebler)
*peanut butter
*yellow fruit roll ups (i bought a package with all the colors, and even though it was the tattoo kind, i just cut around the tattoos)
*Ready to use yellow frosting (just this just looks cute on top)

Place some peanut butter in between the graham cracker and the top of the Reeses, then take your fruit rollups, spread them out, and cut little strips, splitting them at the end. Press the top of the fruit rollup on the top, center of the graham cracker, and pull the split a little farther apart at the bottom because its probably stuck back together by now, and its just cuter with the actual end split. Finally add a little dab of the squirt icing, and you might need to wait a little bit so that it can dry and you can pat down the spike left from the icing.

Cheap, easy, and they taste amazing! make sure you add these to your Family Graduation party!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Photography:

My photography:

These are a little random i know, but they are my favorites! comment me if you would like to know a little more about any of them!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Caterpillar Cake

My Caterpillar Cake:

His body is made out of a dome/semi-circle shaped pan, and i dyed each hump a different color, so each segment was different, on the inside and out! The grass is made out of coconut dyed green, you just put it into a bag with some green food coloring, and a little water... (the exact amount should
be on the coconut can) and then you squeeze it around till it's all dyed. His body I did with a star tip, any size will do since i used a different tip on just about every hump. You can also use a hair tip, i used one of these on the purple part, and it was super cute. His eyes are just ovals filled in, and if you dip your finger in powder sugar and then pat them down, it makes them look smooth, finally put a brown m&m in the middle. The nose is done in the same way with powdered sugar, and then i used these spaghetti gummies i found for the mouth and antenna, the feet are just hersheys kisses.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teacher Appreciation: Gooey Coconut-Chocolate Brownie Mini-cakes

Gooey Coconut-Chocolate Brownie Mini Cakes

These Brownie mini cakes, were the perfect excuse to try out my new Wilton mini cake pans, as well as celebrate teacher appreciation. I combined several recipes, and of course didnt follow any of them very well, mostly because i cook on taste rather than directions. So i will get to putting the recipe on here for how i made these, in the mean time i thought id just put up the pics! They are so cute!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip Muffins w/ Cream Chees Icing

Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip Muffins
Cream Cheese Icing

Buttery Cinnamon and Chocolate chip Muffins.. and if thats not enough, i topped them off with a little cream cheese icing! Unlike those muffins that when your done with the top your ready to toss out and start on another, these you can't stop till every last bite is devoured!

I combined a cinnamon swirl muffin mix i had with a cinnamon streusel coffee cake mix, just adding the ingredients as instructed on the back of the boxes. Then i added chocolate chips, and mine were normal semi-sweet, but i think this might have been the tiniest bit better with milk chocolate, mini chocolate chips, or even without. After that i took the streusel from one box and put it on the top. I then added a little slice of butter, and then the crumble topping from the other recipe, and cooked them at 350 until they looked lightly brown and i could stick a toothpick in and it come out clean. I had a little cream cheese icing left from another recipe, so i just drizzled it on top, not totally necessary, but it added a finished look, and tasted just that much more amazing. An easy recipe, that wasn't very time consuming, but was definitely a crowd pleaser, and as far as muffins go, ranked above the rest!

Tip: Make sure and use muffin cups, just greasing the pan isn't the best idea for this recipe, i tried it both ways, and muffin cups are the better way to go!