Monday, June 9, 2008

White Chocolate Strawberry Cups

White Chocolate Strawberry Cups

The perfect summer dessert

*4 ounces cream cheese
*1/2 large cool whip container
*1/2 Tbsp Jello mix, or just add to your tastes, however strong you want it.
*1/3 cup strawberrys, chopped really little
*about 4 or 5 more strawberrys to cut up on top for decoration.
*1/2 White Chocolate Almond Bark
*Wilton cup molds

Mix cool whip, and softened cream cheese together. Add Strawberry Jello mix to your tastes, and a couple drops strawberry extract can even be added here, and then add the diced strawberries. Melt White chocolate and pour into wilton cup molds 1/3 full brushing up the sides just like the oreo truffle cups. Refridgerate for several minutes, and brush up the sides a little more for thickness if desired. Pop the cups out, fill with strawberry ,mixture and drizzle white chocolate on top if you would like, they also look nice without it, then add a strabwerry slice in the top.

Bird Strawberry Cup! Get creative, this guy is made with mini chocolate kisses and melted chocolate for the eyes, and a strawberry nose, lol.